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Traditions at Carolina

More than 200 years of traditions, but we’re anything but traditional

As the nation’s first public university, we have quite a few traditions here at UNC. Here are just a few official (and not-so-official) traditions that you could check off during your time as a student here, or you just might start some new ones.

  • Take a sip from the Old Well on the first day of class for good luck (and possibly a 4.0!)
  • Study in the Arboretum on a sunny day
  • Paint yourself Carolina blue to cheer on the Heels
  • Climb all the way to the top of the Bell Tower and sign your name as a senior
  • Eat lunch at the counter at Sutton’s Drug Store, and get your picture on the wall
  • Take a nap on the couches in Graham Memorial
  • Get paint in more places than you thought possible at Holi Moli
  • Cool off on a hot day with frozen yogurt from YoPo (The Yogurt Pump)
  • Stand in the risers at the Dean Dome
  • People watch on the steps of Wilson library
  • Celebrate Rameses’ birthday
  • Oversleep and sprint to class…all the way from south campus
  • Get your kvetch published in the Daily Tar Heel
  • Enjoy Hunger Lunch while watching a student group perform in the pit
  • Rush Franklin Street after a national championship
Church building on Franklin Street surrounded by trees
View of shrubs lining Franklin Street at UNC Chapel Hill