Back to Your Future

If they could time travel, our @uncadmissions ambassadors would give this advice to their high school selves and to you right now.

While you’re in high school:

UNC student Sam Perry

“Get involved in what you want to do and not what you think a college wants you to do. Make sure that you’re doing what really makes you happy.”

Sam Perry, UNC ’26

Psychology, Pre-Health
Perkasie, PA


UNC student Yasmin Cervantes Servin

“Visit the universities that you’re interested in. If they’re too far or you can’t make the time to visit, look at their website and their Instagram account. Find the university that is the best fit for you instead of the best fit for someone else.”

Yasmin Carolina Cervantes Servin, UNC ‘24

Human and Organizational Leadership Development, Public Policy

Liberty, NC

Once you get to college:

UNC student Hemiede Neufville

“You can change and evolve without losing yourself. I was scared to lose my past self but then I realized that I can build upon my interests and make them part of my learning path.”

Hemiede Neufville, UNC ’24

Political Science

Lumberton, NC

UNC student Danny Fitzgerald

“When you come to college, you’re going to be introduced to a lot of new and different things. Keep an open mind throughout the entire process. You might be introduced to new clubs, events, or classes that you like that you didn’t know about before.”

Danny Fitzgerald, UNC ’25

Health policy & management

philadelphia, pa

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