UNC Username and Email

After you're admitted, you'll want to set up your UNC username and email address. This is where we'll be sharing important updates from the Admissions office and details about your financial aid package.

Set Up Your Username

Or as we call it, your ONYEN (Only Name You’ll Ever Need).

  1. Visit onyen.unc.edu, click on “Create or Manage ONYEN.”
  2. Choose “Create an ONYEN.”
  3. You’ll be asked if you have a Guest ID. Click “no.”
  4. Enter your UNC PID (Personal I.D.). You can find your PID on your MyCarolina status page or you may visit the PID Office lookup website.
  5. After entering this information, you’ll receive your ONYEN.


Set Up Your Email

  1. Log into selfservice.unc.edu using your ONYEN and password.
  2. Click on “Email Sign-Up” on the left hand menu to set up your UNC email account, create an easy-to-remember alias, and change your password.
  3. Check your email by visiting heelmail.unc.edu.
  4. If you use a smartphone to check your email, we recommend you connect your UNC email to your phone’s inbox.
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