Find Your Perfect First-Year Seminar

One of the most exciting classroom experiences for new students is the First-Year Seminar.

Seminars give you the opportunity to engage one-on-one with your professor and other new Carolina students. Seminars have no more than 25 students, all of them in their first semester at UNC, and they allow you to explore questions at the root of our humanity.

What’s a question you’ve always wanted to know the answer to?

a student looks through a microscope in a Comparative Physiology class at Carolina

Q: Do I have free will?

Genes and Determinism

(Biology 89)

Explore the extent to which we’re defined by our genes versus our experiences through philosophical and biological approaches. Understand the history of the nature vs. nurture debate and gain a framework to address questions of free will and determinism in light of modern biology.

students dressed in Egyptian pharaoh outfits move across a stage, silhouetted against a bright red backdrop

Q: Who’s brave enough to leap?

Experimentalism in Global Black Music and Performance Arts

(African, African-American and Diaspora Studies 53)

This course centers on artists who are known for their radically experimental approach to music-making and performance, pushing at established boundaries of genre, form, and affect, while taking inspiration from black identity, history, and culture. Understand the special challenges faced by black artists in establishing themselves in artistic fields marked as modernist, given the historical domination by white voices.

two students sit in a darkened room looking at a screen that illuminates their faces

Q: What will the world look like in 100 years?

Future Perfect: Science Fictions and Social Form

(English 57)

Will the future be a paradise or a dystopia? Through popular science writing, novels, and films, examine attempts to imagine the future. What do these future visions tell us about the hopes and fears of the times in which they were made.

Find a First-Year Seminar that’s focused on a question you can’t wait to answer.

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