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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Nov 13

UNC Alum Combines Passions for Art and Science

UNC alumnus Georgia Titcomb was recently featured as GreenHill NC Arts’ artist of the week thanks to her creative work combining art and biology. Georgia graduated from Carolina in 2014 with highest honors in Studio Art and a double major in Biology. While studying Biology, Georgia became intrigued with the layers of life revealed on a microscopic scale.

Georgia bases her artwork on biological topics and questions that she seeks to answer through an intersection of art and science. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Biology at UC Santa Barbara and making more fabulous art!


Georgia’s Neural Melt. Photo Credit: GreenHill.


Nov 11

UNC Celebrates Veterans Day!

The University honored veterans and military-affiliated employees and students this morning in a two-part ceremony. The first event took place at the Carolina Alumni Memorial at 11:11 a.m. and was hosted by the University’s Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC). The second part of the ceremony, the annual Tar Heel Tribute, took place at the Carolina Club and was hosted by the University.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Undergraduate Admissions Office would like to thank all those who have served or are currently serving to protect this country. Go Heels! Go America!


Nov 6

Paying for College: All about Scholarships

To High School Seniors/Prospective Students,

So you’ve applied to all of the colleges on your list, including the illustrious UNC-Chapel Hill! Congratulations. Now what? After I had applied to my respective colleges during my senior year in high school, I simply waited on acceptance letters. I thought that I had plenty of time to sit back, relax and finish out my senior year. Looking back on my actions as a high school senior during the first semester, I had it all wrong.

I know it may seem like a great time during your senior year to take a break after finishing college applications, but it is actually time to begin thinking about how you will pay for your education.

This leads to us a separate set of applications: scholarships. Getting into college is half the battle, and finding ways to fund an education can be an ongoing challenge for many students (especially if not offered any institutional scholarships or grants). What I am really trying to say is: apply, apply, apply for scholarships now!

When I first began my scholarship search, I mainly searched for national scholarships on the internet. I found this to be a long, monotonous process of peeling through links and websites until I found official applications that either did not apply to me or the deadlines had passed. All websites weren’t a total loss; my favorite sites were Cappex, FastWeb and, and they were very helpful.

However, what I found to be the most helpful during my senior year was applying for local scholarships at my school and in my community. This way, I wasn’t competing with millions of other students across the country for one single scholarship. The smaller applicant pool in the local scholarships gave me the edge to stand out, the possibility to interview (if necessary) and an overall better chance at winning! Some state and local scholarships were also helpful because they zoomed in on specific colleges, majors and/or interests.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself: Well, aren’t scholarships offered year-round? One thing I noticed is that although many scholarship applications were due in the spring, just as many were available during the fall (and aren’t offered the next semester)! Many scholarships were applicable to me, but senioritis had set in early so I really missed out. Also, I could not match all of the criteria for some relevant scholarships during the spring, so I missed out on those as well. With that being said, I missed out on many opportunities to apply for scholarships because of procrastination.

Going to college is a huge investment in your future, so start applying for the extra aid as early as you can! When January 1st arrives, also be sure to submit the FAFSA and CSS profile for UNC-Chapel Hill (although the priority deadline is March 1st)! Check out this page to learn more information: How to Apply for Aid.

Even if you end up with a “full ride,” the extra money can take care of other expenses such as food, or even studying abroad. Don’t make the mistake I made by applying for only one or two scholarships during my first semester and a few more in the spring. It’s great that you have completed college applications, but why not be proactive and get all the money that you can?

From a Tar Heel who knows,


Achsah “Reneé” Coleman is a junior majoring in Child Development and Family Studies. She works as a Communications Assistant for the UNC-Chapel Hill Office of Undergraduate Admissions.  She can be reached at

Nov 4

Update on Test Scores for EA Applicants

“Do you have my latest test scores?”

It’s a question we’re hearing frequently these days and with good reason. Many of you who have applied for Carolina’s Early Action deadline of October 15 may be anxious about the status of your supplemental materials including test scores. We are honored by your interest in Carolina and would like to provide you with an update.

As you know, SAT and ACT test scores for EA applicants may arrive through the end of November. Due to the volume of applications we received, it is taking some time to import all of the supplemental information into our system. Additionally, the format of the data we receive from the testing services has changed. However, our staff is working around the clock to ensure that we import all information in an accurate and timely manner.

Checking for Your Latest Scores
In the coming weeks, we ask that you check for status updates on your application by logging into your Connect Carolina Student Center.

  • Students waiting for SAT scores: We are carefully conducting some tests and will update the admissions blog shortly with information on when your scores should appear in your Connect Carolina Student Center.
  • Students waiting for ACT scores: Please allow for up to 7 business days for your most recent score to appear. We are optimistic that these will be imported sooner so be sure to check back regularly.

We want to assure you that you will not be penalized for delayed test scores.

We hope that this information will help alleviate any stress that you may be experiencing. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call us at (919) 966-3621. We’re here to help. We also invite you to read The Waiting Game, a blog post by a current UNC student who was once in your shoes and has some advice for you.

Haven’t applied yet? Don’t worry. First-year students have until January 15 to apply; transfer applicants may apply until February 15. Please visit the Common app website to apply.

Oct 28

Why It Takes Us So Long

“Why does it take so long to get my decision?”

It’s a question we hear frequently, and one you’ve probably been wondering. For Early Action applicants, it might feel like January is an eternity away. For Regular Decision — March is even further.

But just as you probably didn’t submit your application without proofreading it first and making sure it was the best it could be, we don’t want to give your decision without fairly and thoroughly reviewing every application.

And for our early action deadline, that means over 19,000 applications to read and discuss.

Our readers are hard at work, but it takes time to read that many applications, all of which have essays, a letter of recommendation, test scores and transcripts.

Despite the common belief that admissions offices just toss any application without a certain GPA or test score in the trash bin, each reader at our office does thoroughly review every part of the application. Read more about the kind of student we’re seeking, or check out our “What Makes You Stand Out” video series.

And it doesn’t stop there. After the reader makes his or her decision, each application’s decision (yes, all 19,000) is reviewed to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Once all decisions are finalized, we will release our Early Action decisions by the end of January. Regular Decision applicants receive news by the end of March.

Until then, why not read The Waiting Game, a blog post by a current UNC student who was once in your shoes and offers her own advice. And of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Tweet at us @uncadmissions, or feel free to email us at or call us at (919) 966-3621.

Oct 28

The Waiting Game – Advice from a Student

By Gabriela Pickett, UNC ’18
Dramatic Arts/ Journalism with a Concentration in Advertising
Fort Myers, FL

You may think you have overcome the hurdle of college admissions; you may feel relieved that the hardest part is behind you. I have news for you, though. The most difficult part is yet to come! What is it, you ask? THE WAITING! I vividly remember feeling that the days in between October 15 and the end of January were actually longer than all the other days of the year. I wanted so badly to know what my admissions decision would be. There’s really nothing I can do for you that will make this time pass more quickly, but I do have some tips for what you can do with that time.

Visit Campus

If you haven’t already done so, schedule a visit and come see us! Our admissions office has a team of Carolina students who would love to give you a tour, show you our favorite places on campus, tell you (hopefully) funny stories, and let you take a sip of water from the Old Well. Getting a feel for “The Southern Part of Heaven” is important in your college decision. Visiting campus will also give you a chance to remind yourself of the great college adventure that lies ahead.



Enjoy High School

Senior year seems to be totally focused on your “next step.” While this is good, it is also important to remember that high school is an irreplaceable part of your life. Have you never been to a school pep rally? Paint your face and try going to one! Are there classmates who you’ve always wanted to talk to? Sit with them at lunch! While you may only want to sit in your room and count down the days until you get your college decision, you can’t forget to enjoy the present.



Wear Some Carolina Gear

If you are being super patient maybe you can reward yourself with some Carolina swag! It’s never too early to show your Carolina pride!



Oct 28

The Diversity of Student Life at UNC

Carolina students immerse themselves in an extremely wide variety of extracurricular opportunities, ranging from conducting original scientific research on adolescent psychology, to managing local political campaigns, to performing in UNC’s musical theatre groups and so much more. As a result, student life at UNC is incredibly diverse, and no two students have exactly the same Carolina experience. Here’s a glimpse into the diversity of student life at UNC, as seen through 10 current Tar Heels.

Izzy, Junior, Albany, NY

Served in the First-Year Service Corp., worked in an undergraduate research lab studying adolescent psychology, worked in a second undergraduate research lab studying health humanities research methodologies, received the Burch Fellowship and used it to travel to South Africa to study the victimization of LGBTIs living in the country, Alpha Chi Omega member, Timmy Global Health member

Grace, Junior, Mebane, NC

Volunteers for an ESL class on campus to help teach English and will be going to Nicaragua over holiday break to help build the only secondary school in the region and teach English to elementary schoolers, women’s varsity rowing team member, Buckley Public Service Scholar

Christopher, First-year, London, England

Co-producing and directing an independent short-film, works with Carolina Advocating for Gender Equality to prevent sexual harassment, works with the CoachWrite program to help develop the writing skills of local primary school students, member of Honors Carolina

Andrea, Junior, Matthews, NC

Works as a manger for Carolina Performing Arts, works as a spin instructor for UNC CampusRec, researched solar energies in Bangkok, Thailand, serves as an executive member for Admissions Ambassadors, serves as an orientation leader for incoming first-years, Honors Carolina member

Enrique, Senior, Miami, FL

Serves as a student judge in the UNC Honor Court, serves as a C-Step mentor to ease the transitions of other UNC transfer students, works as the campaign manager for a Chapel Hill Town Council candidate and manages 12 other UNC interns

Caroline, Senior, Mooresville, NC

Serves as the historian for the executive board of Phi Sigma Pi National Gender-Inclusive Honor Fraternity, volunteers at UNC Hospitals in the Women’s Health Information Center and the Birth Partners Volunteer Program, works as a medical scribe at the UNC Emergency Department, Carolina Summer Research Fellow

Joseph, Senior, Tamuning, Guam

Serves in UNC’s student government, lives in the sustainability living-learning community, Kenan-Flagler Business School GLOBE scholar, Undergraduate Research Fellow, club tennis player, club volleyball player

Gwendolyn, Sophomore, Charlotte, NC

Writes for the Daily Tar Heel as a columnist, participates in the Catalyst Conference through the Campus Y to promote social justice, member of Black Student Movement to celebrate black culture

Dale, Senior, Newton, NC

Serves as the speaker pro-tempore of Student Congress, serves as a senior marshal on the service committee, serves as the external relations chair of Admissions Ambassadors, serves as the community outreach coordinator for UNC’s musical theatre group Pauper Players, interned in the US Senate, founding father and philanthropy chair of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity

Jennifer, Junior, Lexington, KY

Serves as an EASE mentor to help ease the transition of exchange students, works with UNC’s Mentoring Future Leaders in Pharmacy program, works in the Global Programs department of the Campus Y, member of Kappa Epsilon Pharmacy Fraternity



Oct 26

Why Carolina? Featuring Morgan Smith

Oct 21

Thank You for Applying to Carolina!

We thank all of the applicants who applied for admission for our Early Action deadline. We are honored by your interest in us, and we look forward to reading your application and getting to know you in the weeks ahead! Students who apply by our EA deadline will receive their decision by the end of January. And if you haven’t applied yet, no worries! First-year students have until January 15 to be considered for our Regular Decision and final deadline; transfer students may apply now and up until February 15.

We received a few calls from students wanting to check on the status of their applications, and we wanted to update you on the next steps to do so.

Our staff is currently working around the clock to import your applications and the required supplemental materials that you’ve also kindly submitted to us. As a reminder, supplemental materials such as a teacher recommendation and school statement may arrive up until November 1; test scores for EA applicants may arrive through the end of November. If you need an extension on these materials due to extenuating circumstances, please let us know by calling us at (919) 966-3621 or emailing us at

Upon application submission, you should receive an email from us within the week with your Guest ID credentials. These will allow you to log into your Connect Carolina Student Center and review the status of any outstanding items on your Admissions To-Do list. If you do not receive this email within 5 business days, please email us at, and we will happily assist you.

Please note that due to the volume of materials we’ve received, it may take us up to 2-3 weeks before your To-do list is fully updated. This is why we ask for your patience. In the meantime, please continue monitoring your Connect Carolina Student Center over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions at all, however, we encourage you to call our office, and we will happily assist you. Again, we are so very honored by your application and your interest in us.

Best wishes for a successful year ahead!


Oct 20

Practice, Explore, Apply!

As you get closer to graduation and life after high school, if you haven’t already, we hope you will think carefully about continuing your education at a college or university that will serve you well.

At UNC-Chapel Hill, we believe strongly that college should be possible for any student who is ready and willing to do the work. We also believe that all students deserve our encouragement and support as they search for schools where they will thrive. For these reasons, we work closely with sixty-five high schools across North Carolina through a program called the Carolina College Advising Corps.

Through this program, recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduates—many of whom are the first in their families to attend college—work full-time as college and financial-aid advisers in high schools across our state. They have some advice for you, and it all starts with practice, explore…and apply!

Read more at We Want to Serve You Well.