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The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
The Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Aug 12

UNC Welcomes First-Generation College Students

What do UNC Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Winston Crisp, Professor Mabel Miguel, and Men’s Basketball Coach Roy Williams have in common? They were all the first in their families to go to college. And to welcome new first-generation college students, they’ve joined many other first-generation Carolina faculty and staff in sharing their advice in a special video, First Welcome.

First Welcome
Nearly 20 percent of students at Carolina are first-generation college students along with hundreds of faculty and staff who understand the struggle, excitement, and accomplishment of being the first to go to college.

Interested in finding more stories and advice from first-generation faculty, staff, and university leaders? Please visit

Ready to join our community? Then, we hope you’ll apply to Carolina. Our application for Fall 2017 admission is open on the Common Application website. To learn more, please visit the Apply section of the admissions website.

Aug 11

75+ Majors/Minors, 60 Departments, 1 Tool to Browse Them All

With over 75 majors and minors in 60 departments, students have amazing opportunities to explore their academic interests at Carolina. And with the launch of the new University Catalog, it’s never been easier to discover the programs of study and classes that Carolina offers. As the next generation of the Undergraduate Bulletin, the new website allows students to learn more about each major and minor, department and school as well as the general education requirements that provide the foundation of an undergraduate degree.

University Catalog Homepage

For those of you who suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), don’t worry. The new website also has a course search tool that allows you to click on each letter of the alphabet to browse classes – from studying sea turtles (BIOL 61) to beat-making class (MUSC 61H).

So trade in your FOMO for the A-B-Cs of the University Catalog.

Aug 8

We speak Spanish / Se habla español

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions at UNC-Chapel Hill is happy to announce that we have Spanish-speaking representatives on our staff who are qualified to answer questions and concerns in Spanish to all families and students who feel more comfortable using Spanish as their first language. Some of our visitors have appreciated this option and we are happy to announce this initiative. Our desire is to make everyone feel welcome at Carolina. If you have any questions or if you would like to send us an email, please follow this link.


Hablamos español

En la oficina de Admisiones de UNC Chapel Hill, es nuestro agrado anunciar a todas las familias y estudiantes que se sienten más cómodos utilizando el español como primera lengua que contamos con un grupo de representantes dedicados y calificados en nuestro equipo de trabajo que están dispuestos a responder a preguntas e inquietudes en español. Hemos notado que muchos de nuestros visitantes apreciarían esta opción y estamos felices de poder dar la bienvenida a todos.

Si tiene alguna pregunta o si necesita enviarnos un email por favor siga este enlace.

Aug 1

Drumroll…Fall 2017 Application is Open!

Apply B1

We’re excited to announce that the 2016-2017 Common Application is now live for both first year and transfer applicants. If you’re looking for world-class opportunities and inspiring classmates, we hope you’ll apply for Fall 2017 admission. For more information on how to apply, check out our Apply page and our detailed instructions for first-year and transfer applicants.

About our deadlines: We offer two deadlines for first-year admission and neither deadline is binding. However, please note that select opportunities are only available to first-year students who apply for and are admitted through Early Action. Learn more about our two first-year deadlines.


Early Action* Regular* Transfer
Apply by: Oct. 15 Jan. 15 Feb. 15
Receive Decision by: Jan. 31 March 31 Mid-Apr.

*First-Year Admission

Receiving updates about your application
:  Please note that all communication with you regarding the status of your application, items missing from your application, as well as your admission decision, will be sent electronically. When you apply, we encourage you to use an email address that is unique to you, rather than a family email address. This will help ensure the confidentiality of our communication with you.

After you submit your application,  we will email you instructions for creating a Guest ID to check on the status of your application in the ConnectCarolina Student Center. Don’t forget to check your email regularly for updates.

Looking for application tips? Check out @UNCAdmissions on twitter for #ApplicationTips from UNC2020 students and more!

Have questions? Please call us at 919.966.3621 or email us at

Jul 26

Incoming First-Year Wins World Championship

We have a world champion in our Class of 2020!

(Raleigh News & Observer File Photo, May 2016)

Incoming first-year Marcus Krah of Durham, N.C., took home the gold medal for the 110-meter hurdles at the World Athletic Junior Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland last week. His winning 13.25-second run was a career best.

Rising sophomore Nicole Greene also competed at the high jump, where she finished as the top American in fifth place. Greene was an All-American high jumper for UNC during her first year.

Want to join a community of champions? Apply to Carolina for Fall 2017 admission. Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

Jul 26

UNC School of Media and Journalism Wins National Competition

The University of North Carolina has achieved the status of “the University of National Champions.” (Again.)

The School of Media and Journalism announced on June 3rd that their students had won the 2016 Hearst Championship. UNC has now won the Championship for two years in a row, with top 5 finishes every year since 2004.

The Hearst Journalism Awards hosts year-long competitions for writing, photojournalism, radio news, television news, and multimedia news for undergraduate students. 108 member colleges and universities from around the country with accredited journalism programs participate and compete. Schools earn and accumulate points over the year for student-made journalism.

UNC MEJO (Media and Journalism) placed 1st in Photojournalism, 1st in Broadcast, 2nd in Multimedia, and 5th in writing. Individual students received awards as well. Read more here.

Jul 5

Frequently Asked Questions about the New SAT

If you are considering applying to Carolina for Fall 2017 and beyond, here is some information about how we will evaluate tests scores now that students have begun taking the redesigned SAT (March 2016). While test scores are important, please remember that they are only one part of our holistic review. Academic program and performance, along with activities, essays, and the letter of recommendation, will continue to be significant factors in our evaluation.

Our advice is to do your best, but try not to stress. (Easier said than done…we know)!

If you have questions about the SAT itself, please visit the College Board website for more details about how the test has changed.

Do you prefer the SAT over the ACT?
No. We encourage students to take the exam that suits them best. While only one exam is required, some students may choose to submit scores from both exams. In that case, we use the test results from whichever exam is most advantageous to the student.

Will you accept SAT scores from the old test and the new test?
Yes. We will accept scores from either the previous SAT or the redesigned SAT. If you’ve taken both versions, you aren’t required to submit scores from both, but you can if you’d like.

How will you evaluate scores from the previous version of the SAT with those from the redesigned version?
The College Board is providing a concordance table that will allow us to compare and align scores from the previous version of the test with those from the redesigned version.

Will you superscore the redesigned SAT?
Yes. We will continue to superscore the exam. That means if you have taken the redesigned SAT multiple times, we will use your highest individual SAT Evidence-Based Reading and Writing and Math scores to calculate your combined score.

Will you superscore the previous SAT and redesigned SAT together?
No. We will superscore results from the same version of the exam, but we will not combine scores from the two versions.

Will you require students to take the essay portion of the exam?
No. The essay is not required for your application to Carolina. Also, if you plan to take the ACT, you should know that we no longer require students to submit the writing portion of the ACT.

However, as testing requirements differ at each institution, we advise that you read the requirements of each school carefully if you plan to apply to other colleges and universities.

Jul 1

2016 Final Waiting List Update

Yesterday we posted final decisions for remaining students on the first-year and transfer waiting lists. Students can now log into their ConnectCarolina Student Center to view their decision.

Because we had a very strong response this year, we had very few spots in our incoming first-year and transfer classes available for students on the waiting lists. We were able to admit fewer than 65 students from the first-year waiting list and fewer than 40 students from the transfer waiting list.

We’re sorry to disappoint the many students who have waited for a final decision. We greatly appreciate your patience as we used the time to see if any more openings would become available.

As always, we are happy to assist you if you have questions or remain interested in attending the University after one or two years of study elsewhere.  You may contact us at through email at or by phone at 919-966-3621, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 PM, EST.

Whether you find your new home at another institution or apply to Carolina as a transfer student, we believe you have a bright future ahead of you. We wish you the very best as you continue your education.

Jun 29

Application open for UNC CORE Certificate Program

woman-wall UNC Core

For active duty military or veterans looking to accelerate their path to an undergraduate degree, taking classes on a college campus isn’t always feasible. Through the UNC Core Certificate Program, the University offers another way to serve these students who serve.

UNC Core is an undergraduate, distance-education Certificate program that offers general-education courses to active-duty service members in the US armed forces, veterans, and National Guard or Reserve members. While admission to UNC Core does not guarantee admission to degree-seeking programs at UNC-Chapel Hill, the program provides students with an introduction to college-level courses that form the foundation of an undergraduate degree at many institutions.

To learn more about this program and eligibility requirements, please click here.

Jun 16

C-STEP Expands To Robeson Community College

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Carolina Student Transfer Excellence Program (C-STEP) and Robeson Community College (RCC) in Lumberton are partnering to increase the number of RCC students transferring to and graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill. With this agreement, RCC becomes the 10th North Carolina community college to partner with C-STEP and Carolina.

Through C-STEP, talented low and moderate income high school and community college students who enroll in one of the program’s partner colleges are guaranteed eventual admission to Carolina if they are admitted to and complete the community college portion of the program successfully.

“We are excited about our new partnership with C-STEP,” said Dr. Pamela Hilbert, Robeson Community College president. “This partnership will open new doors of opportunity for hard-working students, many of whom are from a diverse population, throughout Robeson County and help improve the prosperity of our community for years to come.”

“Carolina will be a better place because of the talents and perspectives brought by more students from Robeson County,” said Stephen Farmer, vice provost for enrollment and undergraduate admission. “We look forward to working with RCC to help students excel at Carolina, thrive here and ultimately graduate, thus achieving their goals of better lives for themselves and their families.”

Students invited to participate in C-STEP agree to earn an appropriate associate degree and participate actively in the program. While pursuing their associate degrees, C-STEP offers students special events, advising and transition and support services both at their home college and at Carolina. The program also provides transition and support services once students have enrolled at Carolina and are pursuing their bachelor degrees.