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Dad’s from Nigeria, home used to be Germany—and where does he find the most diversity? In the middle of North Carolina.

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Tia Davis

Tia Davis can answer seemingly any question—even ones you didn’t think to ask, like about interesting programs to apply to.

Antonio Faison

Antonio Faison knows what it’s like to struggle with the “econ” aspects of majoring in Management and Society, which makes him really helpful to talk to.

Gabriela Galo

Gabriela Galo. Friend since first-year biology, where the organic bond formed over mutual confusion.

Mike Christian

Organizational Behavior prof Mike Christian can explain what’s fascinating about any organization—and all organizations in general.

Taiye Adeoti

Taiye Adeoti may be the “quiet” twin, but he still helps with reaching out and meeting new people. Roomed together first year, then decided to branch out and develop new stories.

Tia Davis Antonio Faison Gabriela Galo Mike Christian Taiye Adeoti

Kehinde’s Story

Even with a background that spans continents, Kehinde owes one of his first Carolina connections to a particularly personal encounter. “In my first-year Spanish class,” he remembers, “I might have been tardy once or twice. And each time, the only way to get to my desk was by walking across this poor other guy’s desk. Apologizing eventually led to talking, and now we’re good friends. Kind of an embarrassing way to meet somebody, but now I can’t imagine not knowing Roderick.”

Now a senior, Kehinde is totally immersed in activities ranging from Kappa Alpha Psi, his fraternity, to the student stores where he works during his off-hours. He’s also built his circle of connections by reaching out to faculty and advisors for guidance at key moments – Mike Christian, for instance, was professor of Kehinde’s Organizational Behavior class, but he also opened Kehinde’s eyes to other career opportunities he may want to pursue. There are more possibilities than Kehinde can count. But wherever he goes next, you can bet he’ll be there on time.

Name: Kehinde Adeoti

Hometown: Hope Mills, NC

Major: Management and Society/Public Policy

Advice to prospective students: “Don’t underestimate the value, or the prestige, of a world-class education.”

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