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Sloan Art Library

The second floor of the Sloane Art Library is the second best place to study on campus. (First is Starbucks at Rams Head.)

Carey Hanlin

If you like political activism and studying in coffee shops, you, too, could wind up being great friends with Carey Hanlin.

Nathaniel Claridad

All Dramatic Art majors have to work backstage at some point. Unfortunately, not all of them end up collaborating with mega-talented Nathaniel Claridad, who will soon be directing “Romeo and Juliet.”

Julie Fishell and Madison Scott

Professor Julie Fishell is beloved in the Department of Dramatic Art for her witticisms, sharp eye and incredible insights—not just into dramatic material but into life. She’s basically brimming with wisdom. 

The Forest Theatre

The Forest Theatre is pure peace

Sloan Art Library Carey Hanlin Nathaniel Claridad Julie Fishell and Madison Scott The Forest Theatre

Madison’s Story

At what point do you know, beyond a doubt, that your college experience has worked out well? One solid indicator is when you’re in an Iban longhouse in the rainforest of Brunei, participating in a mock wedding ceremony with a classmate to learn more about the unique culture of the area.

That actually happened to Madison during her studies abroad on a trip to Singapore, India and Brunei through the SEAS (Southeast Asia Summer) program. She made a lovely fake bride.

Closer to home, she’s been inspired by, well, kind of everything. Working backstage (and onstage) with PlayMakers Repertory Company, relaxing at Coker Arboretum, doing work study as an archival assistant in the Rare Book Collection at Wilson Library, even babysitting for her friend David, who also happens to be Director of Undergraduate Production in the Department of Dramatic Art. For Madison, it’s all another opportunity to meet someone new, go somewhere different and do something interesting. All of which has a nice side effect: The more Madison does, the more interesting she becomes herself.

Name: Madison Scott

Hometown: Greenville, NC

Major: Dramatic Art, Global Studies, Arabic

Advice to prospective students: “Apply. The opportunities here can’t be matched.”

Fall Day
Ibam Wedding

The world belongs to those who show up.