Part-Time Classroom Studies program is designed for local students who have been away from a traditional school setting for at least one year. High school students may apply under certain circumstances, outlined below. Please note the following:

  • If you’ve earned a four-year degree, please submit a post baccalaureate application directly to the Friday Center.
  • If you’re a former Carolina undergraduate and didn’t complete your degree, please apply for readmission.
  • If you’re a full-time student at another institution and wish to attend summer school as a visiting student, please complete a Summer School application.
  • Traditional students who have been denied full-time admission to the University will not be considered for part-time admission.

High School Students
If you’re a high-school student looking to enroll in Part-Time Classroom Studies, please make sure all of the following criteria are met:

  • You’re continuously enrolled in high school full-time.
  • Your school does not offer a course comparable to the one you want to take here.
  • You have and can demonstrate adequate academic preparation for the course.

High school students must submit a letter from their counselor approving the student’s decision to dual-enroll. Please note that this is a separate process from applying to Summer School as a visiting student. If you wish to apply for Summer School, please click here.

Current UNC Employees
The Employee Part-Time Undergraduate Degree-Completion Program enables qualified employees to be admitted to the University as undergraduate degree candidates, continue their employment, and remain part-time students while completing requirements for a degree. This is a degree-completion program for junior transfers who have demonstrated their academic capabilities through previous college or university enrollment here or at another post-secondary institution.

Professor Ashby lectures note-taking students at UNC Chapel Hill