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Preparing for Transfer Admission

Otherwise known as getting one’s ducks in a row.

If you’ve graduated from high school and have taken any college coursework, you should apply as a transfer student. We don’t have any specific course requirements for transfers, beyond the minimum course requirements that all enrolling students must meet to be eligible for admission. While we aren’t looking for any specific courses on your college transcript, we do recommend that you get a strong foundation in the core academic areas: English, foreign language, math, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. These courses are most likely to transfer, and they’re most closely aligned with the type of courses that our students take in their first two years.

We receive about 3,300 applications for transfer admission each year, about a third of which we’re able to admit. Successful applicants present a strong college record—the average college GPA of enrolling transfer students last year was a 3.7.

Our review is holistic, so we consider all of the information you submit to us. We know that students travel many roads to Carolina, and we don’t expect that your road has been entirely free of bumps along the way. However, we need to know that you are prepared to succeed at Carolina, and we look closely at your academic record for evidence that you are ready. We ask students to submit both high school and college transcripts and both are an important part of our review. Typically, the longer you’ve been out of high school and the more college work you’ve completed, the more we focus on your college experience rather than your more distant high school years. If you’re applying as a sophomore applicant and have only had one or two semesters of college work, your high school transcript will still be an important factor in our review.

Curious about how your previous coursework will transfer?
Totally understandable. You’ll find all the details at our Transfer Credit page.

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