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Transfer Credit

Know where you stand before you even walk in.

If you’ve studied at another institution, you’ll naturally want to know how your credits will transfer here. As a general rule, classes that align with our general college curriculum – Math, English, Natural Science, Social Science and Foreign Language – typically transfer to Carolina.

As you get started, we recommend that you review our General Rules for Transfer Credit.

Prospective Students

If you’re admitted to Carolina, we will do a course-by-course analysis of all your coursework and give you a complete report before our enrollment deadline. We’re sorry that we’re unable to do this for prospective transfer students until after admission. It’s critical that we apply the most current rules to your situation, and these may change from now until the time in which you decide to apply and enroll.

Don’t want to wait? If you’re interested in estimating just where you stand with the credits you’ve already earned at another institution before you apply, you can easily do this with the help of a few online resources.

First Step. If you’re enrolled at a community college in North Carolina, learn more about the N.C. Community College Common Curriculum and planning your degree. If you are at a non-N.C. community college or a four-year university, please view our Transfer Equivalency Tables. Please note that the transfer equivalency table does not include all courses that may transfer. It only displays courses we’ve granted credit for in the past.

Second Step. If you’d like to see what classes you would need to take at Carolina after you transfer here, please take a look at our General Education curriculum in our Undergraduate Bulletin. It lists the requirements for all undergraduate degrees.

Third Step. To get an idea of what courses you’d need to take toward a particular major here, please take a look at our Advising Worksheets. These are the same worksheets that our academic advisors use when they counsel admitted students about meeting our degree requirements.

If you are transferring for any of the following majors, please view the Transfer Quick Guides and Transfer Checklists below. Both documents are intended for prospective transfer students who are interested to learn more about the respective fields, coursework, and related online resources. These materials are not designed to replace advising, but to supplement your own knowledge.

Transfer Quick Guides: These guides are designed to share information about the respective majors, careers and skills, considerations about B.A. versus B.S., coursework, and reasons to consider the major.

Transfer Checklists: The following one-page Transfer Checklists provide an overview of the required coursework and a brief overview of the program, and are mostly intended for those who will transfer to UNC-Chapel Hill with junior status.


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