Carolina Global Launch Enrollment Checklist

Welcome to Carolina Global Launch! Ready to make things official?

While You’re Deciding


Stay Up-To-Date On Financial Aid

  • Apply for financial aid for your spring semester at Carolina if you haven’t already.
  • Set up your official UNC username and email so that you’ll be able to view your financial aid package and stay in touch with us to receive important updates.
  • Log into your ConnectCarolina Student Center with your username. This is where you’ll view your financial aid package when it’s available.

Accept Your Place in Carolina Global Launch

  • By May 1, officially confirm your participation in the program in MyCarolina and pay your $1,465 non-refundable deposit.
  • Read, sign, and upload a copy of the Carolina Global Launch policies and contract with your parent or guardian.
  • Electronically sign the reply form.
three students pose for photograph in front of building in Granada, Spain
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After You Accept Your Place

      • Upload a copy of your passport. If you don’t have a valid passport, you’ll be able to upload it later. However, it’s essential for you to apply for or renew your passport as soon as possible to ensure you can enroll.
      • Select your preferred pre-approved courses. If you’d like to speak with an advisor as you’re considering your course selections, please contact us at
      • Register for pre-departure orientation. This required virtual session which will be held this summer. The UNC Study Abroad Office will send more information by early May.
      • Review and submit forms. Academic Programs International (API) will share access to these forms in early May, and you’ll be asked to submit them to API by June 1.
      • Maintain your health insurance. The UNC Study Abroad Office and API will enroll you in international health and accident insurance coverage prior to your departure. You must also maintain your U.S. healthcare plan while abroad to avoid any interruption in your coverage.
      • Submit payment. Full program costs are due July 14 and may be paid through ConnectCarolina. You should receive your billing statements for tuition, fees, and program costs in mid-June.
    • Travel to your global destination!

      University of Stirling

      • Arrive: September 9
      • Mandatory on-site orientation: September 9-13

      Maynooth University

      • Arrive: September 12
      • Mandatory on-site orientation: September 12-18

      University of Granada

      • Dates are still being finalized for this program, and we’ll share updates soon!
      • Check in. Continue to check MyCarolina and ConnectCarolina for updates from campus.
      • Test scores. If you’d like college credit by exam, send us your official scores via the respective testing service ASAP. See if your scores qualify for credit. Check ConnectCarolina to verify that we’ve received your scores and that credit has been properly awarded.
      • Math placement. You’ll need to take testing before the end of high school to fulfill the math requirement and gain placement into math courses at Carolina.
      • Final transcripts. By July 8, submit official copies of your final high school transcript and transcripts for any college coursework through MyCarolina.
      • Honor code. If you’ve had any school-based disciplinary incidents or criminal charges, excluding any that have been expunged, since applying for admission, email us as soon as possible at It’s rare that we’ve had to revoke an offer of admissions as a result. However, not letting us know in a timely manner may affect your decision.
      • Set up your PIN. To help protect your privacy, you’ll set up a unique number that helps you connect with offices across campus.
      • Order your laptop. You’ll be required to have a laptop and can order one through the Carolina Computing Initiative.
      • Submit immunization and health history forms. By June 15, you’ll submit these forms to UNC Campus Health.
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