It had to be Carolina

Tar Heels share why they chose Chapel Hill.

Whether they’ve been Carolina-bound since elementary school or toured more than 60 schools to decide, every Carolina student has their own story about why they became a Tar Heel. Here are some of their stories.

“I’ve known that I wanted to go to Carolina since I was in elementary school. I was always the kid wearing UNC shirts all the time. At first, it was because I really liked the color blue but then I learned about how good the academics was and how welcoming it was, and I knew I had to go here. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Alex Acosta, UNC ‘24

Environmental Health sciences
hendersonville, NC

“Carolina matched my vision for college — having the opportunity to pursue a career in science and be a part of an amazing community. As a Chancellor’s Science Scholar, I’m engaging in research that lifts up women and people who are underrepresented in STEM. I’m surrounded by classmates from different backgrounds and we’re learning together.

Hannah-Marie Santos, UNC ’25

Neuroscience, Women’s & Gender studies
Raleigh, NC

“I wanted somewhere that would challenge me to go beyond my status quo. Since being at Carolina, I’ve done meaningful things such as leading the Helping Hands Project where we build prosthetic devices for children free of charge. Being here at UNC has helped me grow and has made me the person that I am today.”

Daniel Ku, UNC ’23

Biomedical and Health sciences engineering
Cary, NC

“I chose Carolina because it was the most affordable option for my family, and also because of the school spirit and community. On my tour, every student felt like somebody I could connect with. The opportunities they were involved in sounded so exciting. That combination of people and opportunities made Carolina feel like home to me.”

Meagan Harrington, UNC ’23

BIOLOGY, geography
farnham, united kingdom

“I’m a triplet so together we visited 62 schools! Many blended together, but Carolina stood out. I saw something that I didn’t see anywhere else: passion. From the Carolina students on my campus tour to the forty-year-old alumni I met at a sweet sixteen game, they all had the same love and passion for their school. Seeing this is what ultimately convinced me to join Carolina.”

Sam Perry, UNC ’26


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