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How do you know your college experience is pretty much top notch? You do it all. And realize your true passions in life in the meantime.

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The Pit always has something going on.

Public policy major and Gastonia native Dolly Adelekun is the best for fashion advice.

Dr. Altha Cravey’s First-Year Seminar on “Globalization in Local Places” sparked Reena’s interest in international development.

Childhood friend Clay Hackney is always up for fun. And talking your ear off about microfinance.

After Lindsay Stewart studied abroad in Uruguay, she loved it so much she stayed there for a few months.

Reena’s Story

How do you know your college experience is pretty much top notch? How about when your accomplishment list includes working for a top-of-the-field researcher, co-founding an organization that empowers young women to live healthy lives, study abroad in Uruguay, service projects in the Mississippi Delta and rural Honduras, and finding the perfect major for your interests?

Reena came to Carolina ready to make the most of her time here, and man, how she has. The best part – she realized her true passions: women’s health and international development.

Plus, she got what she wanted from her time in college: a vibrant, diverse community that provides access to so many different opportunities. You can find Reena all over campus, running from a class… to dance practice… to the library… to lunch with friends… and so on. And always with a smile on her face and time to say hello before dashing off to her next activity.

Name: Reena Gupta

Hometown: Belmont, NC

Major: Public Policy and Women and Gender Studies

Advice to prospective students: "There's so much to do here. Be proactive and dive in!"

There are so many resources it can feel overwhelming – but don’t be intimated by the wealth. Dive in!