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Name: Rodrigo Martinez

Hometown: Brevard, NC

Major: Environmental Health Sciences and Engineering

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“It’s more than research, opportunities, clubs, classes – Carolina is about the people.” – R.M.

“It doesn’t matter where you’re from – once you’re here, you’re a Carolina student.” – R.M.

“School spirit may bring us together, but it’s our shared passion for a better world that keeps UNC students connected.” – R.M.

Dr. Gangi teaches a popular class called “Environment and Society” – Rodrigo highly recommends meeting his mentor and testing his theory that Dr. Gangi could talk about energy and environment forever.

Jean-Luc is not just Rodrigo’s roommate – he’s like a brother. You may see him at sports games this year as a drum major.

Cari and Rodrigo met volunteering for a student body president campaign their first year. Since then, Cari’s interned with the U.N. in Geneva and studied abroad in Australia, making friends with kangaroos along the way.

When not at Craige on R.A. duty, Jared Giles is mostly likely rehearsing the latest number with Kamikaze, a co-ed dance troupe on campus that he co-leads.

Safiyah co-founded an American Sign Language club on campus, and even gave a talk a TEDxUNC called “Bringing Language to Life.”

Lauren Fuller majors in Radiological Science, and can’t wait to help people through her work. Oh, and she’s the biggest cat fan Rodrigo knows.

Jamey Johnson. Selfless friend. Fellow outdoors enthusiast.

Raleigh McCoy met Rodrigo at Late Night with Roy. Little did they know that they shared a passion for city planning. Now? Inseparable.

Ben French is the house manager at Kenan Theatre Company, where Rodrigo saw a modern adaption of “Bacchae.”

Fellow puppy lover Lauren Kiker works with CPALS and is one of the most caring people he knows.

Fellow RA Winston George is always up for a Mario Kart tournament.

Jaeehee Yoo started a photography club focusing on telling people’s stories.

Michelle Gavel. If you were to ever wonder about rocks, this passionate Geology major is the one to go to.

Sangeetha Kumar founded UNC Science Days to encourage young girls to pursue STEM fields. Can be found at Yopo during her free time.

Jessica Tobin took Russian language classes at Carolina with Rodrigo, and interned at the U.S. embassy in Latvia one summer.

Puja Patel and Rodrigo bonded over their mutual love of Harry Potter. Not so much her love of math and science.

The Gillings Public Health atrium is the best place to meet up with professors for coffee and conversation.

Best part about Wilson Library? You can pretend you’re at Hogwarts as you study.

Cobb Courts are the best place to play night tennis; strong lighting is a plus, as is the quick walk to Franklin for a post-game snack.

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