The One Thing I Had to Bring to College

In bins, bags, and boxes, students carry items to Chapel Hill that keep their families and histories close.

For these Tar Heels, a little piece of home is anything from a baseball cap to a bonsai tree, each item representing students’ unique stories and traditions for a campus rich with diversity.

My UNC Zebra Print Baseball Cap

“My parents gifted it to me when I started playing softball in high school, and I wore it with pride every season. It’s kind of a personality and statement piece for me. It makes me stand out and feel at home.”

Georgia Broitman, UNC ’23

Kensington, MD



My Shoes

“I’ve loved sneakers since I was a kid. So when I graduated from high school, I bought a pair of Carolina Blue UNC Jordan 3s. I was very intentional about bringing them to college — I wear those UNC 3s at almost every Carolina sporting event!”

Derek Brown, UNC ’24

Glen Mills, PA



My Headphones

It was integral to bring my headphones to listen to salsa, classical, and jazz music. I start and end my day with music, whether it be to clear my mind before midterms or to have a dance party with my roommate.

Hannah-Marie Santos, UNC ’25

Neuroscience, Women’s & Gender Studies
Raleigh, NC

My Teddy Bear (Sammy Jr.).

I do not care what other people say. There is nothing wrong with bringing stuffed animals with you to college. Sammy Jr. reminds me of home and helps me keep my head clear and focused on what I am here to do! So yes, BRING YOUR STUFFED ANIMALS!!

Sam Perry, UNC ’26

Perkasie, PA




My Journal

“I’ve been writing in my journal since the beginning of high school. I find that journaling helps me get through tough times, but I also want to be able to look back and remember different things I was going through and see how much I’ve grown.”

Amaya Royster, UNC ‘24

Durham, NC

My Bonsai Tree

“My parents gave me this little tree a couple of days before starting college as a good luck charm. It’s been with me ever since and has been through the lows and the highs with me.”

Alex Acosta, UNC ‘24

Hendersonville, NC

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