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Patrick Headshot

Name: Patrick Carney

Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Major: Global Studies, Minoring in Music

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Favorite Breakfast
Old Well in Snow
Patrick in Paris

Tradition’s important, but there’s no status quo for campus life at UNC. – P.C.

Carolina transformed my view of academics and knowledge. – P.C.

Learning here has really changed my approach to solving problems. – P.C.

Justin Ellis

Best friend Justin Ellis is also front man of Clockwork Kids, Patrick’s current band.

Wesley Graham
Dr. John Brackett

Learned the art of active listening in Dr. John Brackett‘s rock lab music class.

Allison Farmer

Allison Farmer knows all there is to know about lighting design at Carolina Union Production Services. Bonus: She’s fun to work with, too.

Lauren Winn
Caroline Pittman
Celeste Cowan
Natalie Feingold

Natalie Feingold can really talk linguistics.

Jeff Hymes
Saman Khoujnian

Proud to have helped Saman Khoujinian’s group, Virgins Family Band, get their first gig.

Matthew Kilby
Azul Zapta

Azul Zapata never misses a local show. So, in addition to being totally up on good music, she’s greatly appreciated by local bands.

James Strauss
Old Well

The Old Well. It’s an obvious choice, but for good reason, and especially charming in the snow.

Jeff DeLuca

Bandmate Jeff DeLuca. Political activist. Phenomenal guitarist.

Jorge Martinez-Blat

Jorge Martinez-Blat has great stories and a “flawless” Alan Rickman impression.

Connelly Crowe
Natalia Gonzalez Chavez

Natalia Gonzalez Chavez is the one to see for entrepreneurial advice—and gorgeous handmade jewelry.

Holland Gallagher
Courtney Sanford

Inaugural Innovation Scholar Courtney Sanford hooked him up with Carolina Creates.

Mackenzie Cowan
Cobb Parking Deck

Cobb Parking Deck. Good acoustics, for a parking deck. *Great* spot to film a music video.

Jeff DeLuca
Gabe Reynolds

Gabe Reynolds invited Patrick to Local 506, where he discovered Little Green Cars.

Pasan Perera
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