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Part-Time Classroom Studies FAQs

I’m a returning student to the Part-Time Classroom Studies Program; which application should I submit?
Returning part-time students should complete the Part-Time Classroom Studies application. Please note the application fee is waived for returning students. Please don’t complete a readmission application, unless you were formerly a full-time student.

How long does the application process take?
After you’ve submitted your application, all requested materials have been received, and there are no items on your Admissions To-Do List (located on the right-hand panel of your ConnectCarolina Student Center), you may expect a decision in your ConnectCarolina Student Center within two weeks.

What’s the difference between degree-seeking and non-degree seeking?
Degree-seeking students enroll in courses with the intent of one day earning a four-year degree from Carolina. Non-degree seeking students enroll for personal or professional benefit. Additionally, degree-seeking students are eligible for financial aid, whereas non-degree seeking students are not.

I applied for Part-Time Classroom Studies weeks ago, so why don’t I have a decision?
Please log into your ConnectCarolina Student Center and check your Admissions To-Do List (located on the right-hand panel of your ConnectCarolina Student Center). We can’t process your application until all items on your To-Do List have been completed. If there are no items on your To-Do List and it has been more than five business days since you submitted your application, please contact us.

I applied for Part-Time Classroom Studies weeks ago, so why can’t I register?
When your decision is available, you may view it in your ConnectCarolina Student Center by scrolling to the bottom of the page, looking under the Admissions tab, and clicking on the hyperlink that states “Click here to view your decision in a new window.” You must click the link and take action on your decision before gaining access to course registration. After replying, please allow one to two business days for access to registration. If you still don’t have access to registration after this process, please view your ConnectCarolina Student Center as there may be a hold on your account.

If you have questions about your enrollment or registering for classes, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.

I checked my Admissions To-Do List, and items (such as transcripts) are listed that the University should already have on file. Do I need to resubmit those items?
After submitting your application, an automatic checklist of required application materials is generated. We ask that you allow one business day for processing so that we may update your Admissions To-Do List (located on the right-hand panel of your ConnectCarolina Student Center. If we need additional information or documents, we will add those to your To-Do List after processing your application.)

How can I obtain my PID (Personal ID Number) and create or re-activate my Onyen?
Once you have been admitted and accepted enrollment, please retrieve your Onyen and create your password. Your Onyen will then be required for ConnectCarolina access and to register for courses.

I’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree, but I would like to complete pre-requisite courses for graduate school as a part-time student. Can I apply for undergraduate Part-Time Classroom Studies?
No, since you have already earned a four-year degree, please contact the Friday Center for Continuing Education.

I’m a high school student applying for dual enrollment. Do I need to submit transcripts, essays, letters of recommendation, or standardized test scores?
No, eligible high school students are admitted to the Part-Time Classroom Studies program as non-degree seeking students, which means transcripts and test scores are not required. You need only submit the application, application fee, and a permission letter from your high school counselor. Please note that these requirements are different than those for Summer School, which rising high school seniors can apply to as visiting students.

I have a high school GED. What steps should I take to become a degree-seeking student?
Students with a high school GED should complete at least 12 hours of coursework (either outside of UNC-Chapel Hill or through the non-degree seeking PTCS program) prior to applying for the degree-seeking PTCS program.                                                                                        

I’m currently a full-time student at another two-year or four-year institution. Am I eligible to enroll in the Part-Time Classroom Studies program?
No, Part-Time Classroom Studies is designed for local students who have been away from a traditional school setting for at least one year. You can, however, enroll in Summer School as a visiting student. For additional information on the application process and requirements, please contact the Summer School office directly.

Are part-time students eligible for financial aid?
While degree-seeking part-time students are eligible for financial aid, non-degree seeking part-time students are not eligible. Each fall and spring semester, the Friday Center awards three $750 Friday Adult Learner Scholarships to students admitted to Part-time Classroom Studies.

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